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Pullman High School Class of 1984 Home Page


Be sure to check the Reunion Announcements page for information about our July 2019 35th reunion!

Welcome to the PHS Class of 1984 home page! If you log in, you will be able to:

  • Participate in discussions
  • Upload photos
  • Contact class members and see the class list (including who is coming to the reunion)
  • Suggest new features for the site


To request an account, use the Contact page.

Note: There is also a "Pullman High School class of 1984" page on Facebook, so if you are a Facebook user, check it out. Reunion ideas get discussed there.

If you are having trouble logging in, use the Contact page to get help.

I recently tried to send email to everyone registered on the site. A lot of the messages bounced back to me due to outdated email addresses. If you are one of these people, or know their email address, use the Contact page on this site to send it to me and I'll update the account. People this applies to: Brad Burkett, Dan Wise, Katy Duran, Janel Stemmene, Kelly Newbrey, Nathan Reed, Jimmy LaPlante, Margaret (Lewis) Bishop, Richard Merrill, Karla Kennedy, Karen (Emerson) Connacher, Sara Beechner, Michelle (Hansten) Ingalsbe, Mark Nelson

About this site

This site is maintained by Jennifer Hodgdon. If you are looking for people from a different Pullman High School class, check out Jennifer's PHS Alumni Information page.

Contacting Members of the Class

If you are a member of the PHS Class of '84 (whether or not you actually graduated with us in May of 1984 -- anyone who spent some time with us in middle school or high school counts!) and create an account on this site, you will be able to contact anyone else with an account on the site.

Whether or not you are a member of our class, if you would like to get in touch with someone in our class (whether or not they are registered on the site), I will be happy to forward messages to people in the class that I know how to contact. Just use the Contact form on the site, and let me know who it is you want to contact.

People Registered on the Site

The following people have created accounts on this web site, thanks!

Trina Alexander (Trina Tinder), Chris Altman, Steve Ashby, Kevin Bailey, Douglas Barron, Sara Beechner, Linda Bender (Linda Gardner), Nils Benson, Mary Blain (Mary Acquanita), Brenda Bloomfield (Brenda Pieroni), Cynthia Brandon (Cynthia Smutny), David Brummel, Brad Burkett, Carla Burton (Carla Burton-Keifer), Laurie Byers (Laurie Byers-Brown), Neil Calissendorff, Michael Cassidy, Norman Cheng, Todd Clement, Traci Cochran (Traci Sheperd), Julie Coonrad (Julie Patrick), Doug Cooper, Derya Dingiltepe, Ron Dinsmoor, Laura Dresser, Katy Duran, Karen Emerson (Karen Connacher), Shannon Emerson, Kerry Fairbanks (Kerry Parker), Jennifer Ferguson, Scott Finch, Heidi Fountain (Heidi Cohen), Patricia Furrer (Patricia Hatzikos), Michaelann Gallina (Michaelann Santos), Jeff Garland, Stephen Gay, Laura Gibson (Laura Snover), Charles Gollnick, Norrie Scott Gregoire, Michelle Hansten, Gregory Harder, Bob Harrington, David Harshbarger, Dawn Hatley (Dawn Irby), Kevin Hatley, Jennifer Hodgdon, Shelley Horne (Shelley Sullivan), Janette Johnson (Janette Rallison), Barbara Jordan (Barbara Pagano), Yanira Joubert, Karla Kennedy (Karla Harris), Michael Kerr, Laura Kleinhofs, Jim LaPlante, John Lewis (Elliott Lewis), Margaret Lewis (Margaret Bishop), Paula Littlewood, Melissa Lutz (Melissa Lutz Blouin), Carol Maloney (Carol Ndambuki), Debbie Martin (Debbie Dailey), Dennis McGreevy, Stacy McHargue (Stacy Miller), Richard Merrill, Scott Moore, Jeff Motley, Douglas Muehlbauer, Karen Muir (Karen Mitchell), Brian Murphy, Robin Murphy, Christie Myers (Christie Motley), Laura Nakata (Laura Vannucci), Kelly Newbrey, John Nofsinger, Laura Orlich, David Parkman, Joanne Pinner, Kathleen Pool (Kathleen Goodfellow), Matthew Purcell, Gerry O'Rourke, Nathan Reed, Leslie Robison (Leslie Saunders), Tracy Ruff (Tracy Squires), Kenny Shermer, Sheila Simpson (Sheila Mohondro), Thomas Stahlberg, Stacy Startzel, Janel Stemmene (Janel Lang), Scott Tinder, Tania Tripard, Eric Vandergoore, Erik Van Rossum, Linda Warner, Frederick Wexler, Kelly Whitman (Kelly Hoff), Daniel Wise

People Not Registered on the Site

You may be able to locate some of these people on Facebook, but they are not registered on this site and the site administrator does not know how to contact them:

Victoria Abril, Ryota Akamine, Brad Aldrich, Darren Barbee, Robert Bashaw, Amy Benson, Kathryn Bezdicek (Kathryn Dodson), Tami Brantner (Tami Bidle), Darin Bonnier, Michael Boyd, Karen Burstein, Brian Carter, Karen Cuddy (Karen Holm), Jeff Davis, Valerie Davis, Sarah Davison (Sarah Hatley), Ron Day, Frederic (Eric) DeThouars, Brett Elder, Jeff Gay, Jennifer Grathwol (Jennifer Grathwol Thomas), Jodi Griswold, Jeff Groat, Megan Guido (Megan Nazari), Marsha Hiller, Joe Hudak, Mara Hurlbert (Mara Crowell), Markus Hutnak, Larry Johnson, Daniel Kent, Cindy Knauff (Cindy Griffin), Tanja Latvala, Kaye Lindell, Phuoc-Tho Luong, Hao Quan Ly, Demeris Madison, Chris Maguire, Richard Maki, Brian McKeirnan, Dixit Patel, John Pearson, Shu-Ying Pon, Jane Potter, Floyd Price, Michael Ragan, Eva (Katrin) Rapp, Marika Rondler, Shannon Schulhauser, Jim Schneider, Lin-Heung Siu, Gali Smith, Richard Smithee, Kim Stevens, David Sylvester, Winarso Toreh, Kristi Turner, Maria Wagner

In Memory

The following members of our class are no longer with us, sadly: Jeff Babb, Dan Barner, Rolf Burger, Julie Hillers, Brett Line, Mark Nelson, Shawn Wiser